Feedback & Reviews

I received a mini connection to spirit reading from Steph and it was truly amazing. Had me in tears instantly. Happy tears of course. Thank you again Steph for the message from my Aunty. I'll definately be booking again soon! If you need a reason or a sign for you to book in, here it is! Steph is amazing and I can't recommend her enough!

Kaya Catherine

I had a full written connection to spirit reading with Steph. She talked about people so close to me and said things nobody else would know about. I was able to share her kōrero (message) with my whānau (family) which has helped us so much already. Steph is tūturu (actual/definate/real) and has a lovely āhua (character) Would 100% recommend a reading with her!

Chelsea Classen

Just a quick review, I had a mini connection to spirit reading with Steph. (I'd heard Steph was good, but my mind is officially blown!) I didn't ask for anyone specific but my (step) Dad came through, had a message for me and passed on his love to my mum, siblings and daughter- all by name! I can't recommend Steph enough! If you're thinking of having a reading, check her out, you won't regret it!! Once again Thank you Steph, You're Amazing

Mel Parker

This is some crazy sh#*! I had a Full Romance Card reading with Steph Feb 17th 2021 and she told me about a man I would eventually meet. She said at some point I would meet a man whose name begins with D, wears some type of uniform (she thought firefighter) and had 2 younger daughters. Sooo, 1 month ago I met the guy I'm dating now. His name is DJ (Donald) he's a retired soldier and applied to be in the local fire department. And kids? 2 girls younger than my son. Craaazy!! WOW!!

Lisa Kelley